Spray Tan California’s Tanning on the Go

Nothing beats the summer heat when it comes to tanning your skin. But how can you do this when you don’t have time to get to the beach. It seems like you never have time to drive or even make the time to find the time to sit outside and do nothing in the sun’s rays, problems solve! An innovative way to get perfectly tan is here. I’m talking about mobile spray tan from Spray Tan California. It’s a spray tanning service which offers home and office services. You don’t have to travel far just to get yourself the perfect tan for the summer. You can have the luxury on your own home and in your own comfort with the sunless spray tan. Read more about tanning on the go

Benefits of Spray Tanning with Spray Tan California

Spray Tanning is the best way to get that bronzed glow you desire, without any of the side effects that other tanning methods expose you to. It is safer and healthier than tanning in the sun or using sun beds and provides you with an application that no self-tanning products can beat.

Spray Tanning, also known as Airbrush Tanning, is a method of Sunless Tanning performed in a tanning booth or in a salon, but for your convenience we are mobile, allowing you the opportunity to get a spray tan without the need to leave your home. Spray Tans offer great results as spray tan technicians can apply the tanning solution with an even coverage within minutes, leaving your skin looking flawless and making sure that no areas are missed. More Benefits of Spray Tanning

Sunless Spray Tanning in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Spray Tan California Mobile Services
offer modеrn Sunless Tanning tеchnоlogу in the comfort of your own home or office. Nоrmаllу yоu mау run to а heаlth ѕpа or tanning salon appointment and possibly wait once you get there. Not so with our services, we come to you. Nо mоrе gеttіng apроintmentѕ then waiting in linеѕ, it iѕ роsѕible tо get that fаntаstіc ѕmооth brоnzе lооk through out without lеavіng уour home. If you are a little more social, have a party with a few close friends It’s awesome. Spray Tan California has locations one in Sacramento California and the other in Benica California located in the San Fransisco Bay area right now and are looking to expand. There are plans for 2 more areas for us to cover one of them is in Arizona And the LA area Contact us if you are looking to invest in yourself and start your own business. Contact us at The Tanologist Store. Convenience of Spray Tanning in Your Home cont.

How to Maintain Your New Spray Tan Once You Get it

After your Spray Tan it’s suggested to stay away from the water at the beach, pool, shower, refrain from anything physical that could lead to perspiring, and doing dishes for at least 8 hours. Cooking is cool, so you can make the mess you just need someone to clean it up, bonus! Moisturizer as a daily routine is highly recommended you should ask what you’re Spray Tan Artist recommends.

Spay tanning generally results in a look much smoother appearance than tube tanning cream. The awesome bronze color is released evenly on the skin the air compressor pushes air from the nozzle assembly with the results of an extremely even color Sunless Tan on your skin. You’re initial tan may lighten up a little after your first shower when you take off the top layer of tanner that hasn’t permeated your skin. If you haven’t read about what to do before your Spray Tan There are some great tips on this article on How Do I prepare for my Spray Tan.

You actually cannot imitate the look of an Airbrush Tan or Spray Tan with a tan in a can or a tube-o-tan as you undoubtedly will find out. Read on about how to maintain your Spray Tan

What is an Airbrush Tan or Spray Tan and How Do I Prepare for One

Airbrush Tanning (or airbrush spray tanning) is very similar in principle to the tanning cream tube, except being applied using a spray nozzle gives you a much better end result. If you have been using tanning cream you should contact Spray Tan California at one of their two locations in Sacramento California or San Francisco California around the Berkeley California area and experience the difference.

The active ingredient in our tanning solution is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) or more commonly known as Glycerone. DHA is basically a simple carbohydrate derived from plants such as sugar cane or sugar beets. What a big scary name for a pretty simple harmless ingredient. In the 1970s the FDA approved and added DHA to their list of cosmetic ingredients. Going a little further DHA based Sunless Tanning is recommended by the Canadian Dermatology Association, American Medical Association, Click to read the rest of the story

Spray Tanning is Very Safe California Spray Tan Explains

Most people would have done anything to achieve the perfect tan. Some of you may constitute hanging out in the sunshine, although the benefit of vitamin D is produced by sunlight by subjecting yourself to 20 to 30 minutes a day of sunshine is great for you there are several disadvantages and risks to overexposure to the sun. This is where Spray Tan California will help you achieve that desired hue on your skin without harm. We do have two locations our Mobile tanning service is located, in Sacramento CA. and the other location is in the San Francisco CA. Bay area, specifically around the vicinity of Venicia. Read more about how safe Sunless Tanning is

Spray Tanning for the Wedding Day

Now when it comes to your special day, how you look is everything! Many brides often want to have a sun kissed glow for that special day and opt for sunless spray tanning.

The biggest tip I can suggest is to not take any chances, and make sure you have a trial spray tan at least one month before your wedding day with an experienced spray tanning technician.  This will give you’re the opportunity to see how your tan wears and how long it lasts.  As well as take some trial pictures with you wearing white with your new golden glow.

I usually recommend to my bridal clients that they get a spray tan 2 days before the wedding. Spray Tan for Your Wedding

Sunless Spray Tanning and Exfoliation

Yes, the solution is important and so is a skilled spray or air brush technician. However, Exfoliation is crucial!

The main ingredient in all spray tan solutions is DHA.  (Dihydroxyacetone)   The ingredient has been approved by the FDA since the 1970s and comes in a variety of cosmetic products.

DHA derived from raw sugar cane and reacts with the amino acids (proteins) in the outer layer of the skin to produce a bronze color.

Since DHA reacts with dead skin cells, patches of dry skin may result in uneven or patchy coloring. Read more about exfoliation

No more Tanning Beds for Minors in the state of California.

For many years people have associated a sun kissed glowing tan with health and vitality.  Millions of people have utilized tanning beds aka  “Fake Bake” to achieve this look.

Tanning Beds are not safe!   As we know UVA & UBA rays cause cancer.  Tanning beds often exceed “safe” UV limits.

Teens are especially at risk  because their bodies are undergoing such accelerated growth rates that their cells are more prone to the damage from UV radiation says Susan Evans MD. Tanning Beds continued