Spray Tan California’s Tanning on the Go

Nothing beats the summer heat when it comes to tanning your skin. But how can you do this when you don’t have time to get to the beach. It seems like you never have time to drive or even make the time to find the time to sit outside and do nothing in the sun’s rays, problems solve! An innovative way to get perfectly tan is here. I’m talking about mobile spray tan from Spray Tan California. It’s a spray tanning service which offers home and office services. You don’t have to travel far just to get yourself the perfect tan for the summer. You can have the luxury on your own home and in your own comfort with the sunless spray tan.
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Summer is the time for weekend get away with family and friends. And this escapade is the moment to show off some skin, and I mean sun kissed glowing skin. Spray Tan California’s Mobile spay tan services will give you a hand to achieve this summer look. With some sunless spray tan solutions, you can get the color and glow you crave for without unnecessary exposure to UV rays. Its hassle free and you won’t be worried of getting sun burns before you reach the suited tan color for you. The tanning solutions used by some mobile spray services are skin and environmental friendly and are approved by the FDA. Aside from the main ingredient of sunless spray tan, the DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), Organic Aloe, Organic essential oils, Hyaluronic acid, Organic Coffee bean extract, Organic green tea, Organic Jojoba seed oil, Organic Macadamia seed oil and an Australian Cehami plant are also included in the tanning solution that has anti-inflammatory properties and Anti-aging qualities.

Mobile spray tan is very conventional and economical. Since Spray Tan California offers home services in the San Fransisco Bay area as well as Sacramento California with a new location in Arizona, all you have to do is prepare yourself and your room and you’re ready. Spray Tan California’s Mobile spray tan service will provide you with all the needed equipment. Just make sure you have a well lit area with easy electrical access like outlets. Take a shower and don’t forget to exfoliate before the appointment. Don’t wear lotions, oil, perfumes, deodorant and make up. You really have to clean yourself up. If possible don’t wear jewelries to and pulled back your hair away from your face. Sunless tan spray sessions only take about 20-30 minutes to complete. When you have all these prepared, then you are ready to rock.

So before packing up your stuff for the weekend get away, contact the Spray Tan California mobile spray tan services in your area to get the perfect summer tan with sunless spray tan solution. You can visit this site When The Beach Is Out Of Reach for more of sunless spray tan and mobile spray tan details. Get some sunless tanning today by contacting us so we can schedule you in, Have a party they are great fun!

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