Getting ready for Spray Tan California!

Before you session
you need to do a few things to ensure that
you get the best possible results.

Before you tan:

● Appointments to be completed before your tanning experience begins: Mani/Pedi, Waxing 24-48 hours and hair coloring.

● Shower and Exfoliate prior to appointment, (Do not to use any products with oils)

● Avoid lotions, oils, perfumes, deodorant and make-up between your shower and your spray tan appointment.

● Have hair pulled back away from face and no jewelry if possible.

● Expect session to last about 20-30 minutes

After you tan:

● Change into loose fitting clothing – dark colors

● Wait 6-10 hours before taking a short cool to lukewarm shower.

● Moisturize well after your initial shower

● Try to avoid sweating, doggie kisses, and water.  Yes, that means no dishes!

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