Benefits of Spray Tanning with Spray Tan California

Spray Tanning is the best way to get that bronzed glow you desire, without any of the side effects that other tanning methods expose you to. It is safer and healthier than tanning in the sun or using sun beds and provides you with an application that no self-tanning products can beat.

Spray Tanning, also known as Airbrush Tanning, is a method of Sunless Tanning performed in a tanning booth or in a salon, but for your convenience we are mobile, allowing you the opportunity to get a spray tan without the need to leave your home. Spray Tans offer great results as spray tan technicians can apply the tanning solution with an even coverage within minutes, leaving your skin looking flawless and making sure that no areas are missed.

Unlike outdoor tanning and sun beds, which are damaging to your skin, spray tanning is safe and FDA approved. The products do not generally stain clothing or bed sheets, but it is advised that you wear dark, loose fitting clothes after receiving a spray tan just encase there is a transfer of the product onto a material. However, the product should not stain if it does make contact with any material and it will easily come out when washed.

Spray Tanning helps to cover up blemishes, blend in unwanted tan lines, hide unsightly stretch marks and varicose veins, and it also helps to camouflage cellulite. All of this with the added bonus of creating a more toned and thinner appearance, what more could you possibly ask for? This is why spray tans are so frequently used for events where you need to look your best, such as weddings and school formals. Plus, unlike some self-applied tanning lotions, spray tans do not make your skin look a shade of orange.

Spray tans also last a considerably long time compared with other tanning products and do not leave unsightly lines. They can last for 5 to 7 days, all depending on how well you follow the before and after guidelines and how well you moisturize. If you stay away from products that contain alcohol then your tan will last longer as these products strip the tan away from your skin. But just like a sun tan, a spray tan fades due to your body’s own natural exfoliation.

If you are still not convinced about spray tanning then check out this spray tanning business, Spray Tan California. We offer Mobile Spray Tanning so that you can have the luxury of getting a spray tan right in the comfort of your own home, or any location you choose. Spray Tan California’s products contain the highest quality ingredients, giving you a natural looking tan without the need to step out into the sun. We service both the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Area, so give us a call and arrange for a time and place that suits you so that you can enjoy the many benefits of having a natural looking spray tan.

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