How to Maintain Your New Spray Tan Once You Get it

After your Spray Tan it’s suggested to stay away from the water at the beach, pool, shower, refrain from anything physical that could lead to perspiring, and doing dishes for at least 8 hours. Cooking is cool, so you can make the mess you just need someone to clean it up, bonus! Moisturizer as a daily routine is highly recommended you should ask what you’re Spray Tan Artist recommends.

Spay tanning generally results in a look much smoother appearance than tube tanning cream. The awesome bronze color is released evenly on the skin the air compressor pushes air from the nozzle assembly with the results of an extremely even color Sunless Tan on your skin. You’re initial tan may lighten up a little after your first shower when you take off the top layer of tanner that hasn’t permeated your skin. If you haven’t read about what to do before your Spray Tan There are some great tips on this article on How Do I prepare for my Spray Tan.

You actually cannot imitate the look of an Airbrush Tan or Spray Tan with a tan in a can or a tube-o-tan as you undoubtedly will find out.

Maintaining you’re color longer depends on what and how you use your skin care products such as soap exfoliates, how often you shave, and the quality of your moisturizers well as how well you moisturize. Long showers or baths excel the extraction of color from the skin and chlorinated water (bleach) of course has adverse effects on the color of your Spray Tan.

Sunless Tan does not necessary protect from UV rays so be sure you take with you a bottle of sunscreen to the beach or when hanging out pool side, a little sun is good but sunburn especially when it causes pealing is not so good. Avoid using alcohol, makeup remover, and scrubs on your skin as these chemicals can dissolve the tanning solution also.

To overview your Spray Tan maintenance, first of all try a Spray Tan you will be impressed with the difference from those rub on tanners. Treat your new tan and yourself well by babying yourself and your shin, it doesn’t take much extra time to do. Airbrush tanning typically lasts about 7 to 10 days. Exfoliation it is advisable prior to obtaining a Sunless Tan, and hydration is recommended after application. This is helpful in two ways: extending the life of the tan, and keep your skin healthy.

Spray tanning is considered much more healthy and safer than extended exposure to the harmful sun rays. Contact Spray Tan California today and take advantage of our mobile service it’s very convenient.

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