Get a Spray Tan for Your Weekend Get-a-Way

You’ve been busy working hard indoors most of the summer. Looking in the mirror you’re pale, your skin could use a little color before that getaway vacation. Weekend getaways are a lot fun and have the time of your life. So don’t spend your entire vacation time sun tanning, before you go you should consider toning your skin before you leave. This way, you can use the time you would spend lying around on the beach having more fun or worrying about dangerous UV rays!

Lots of people really want to get a beautiful tan without having to worry about getting skin cancer or painful sunburns. Today you can find a variety of products and methods which claim to give you a good-looking tan without worry. The best method is, Airbrush Tanning or Spray Tanning with Spray Tan California. We are located in Benicia and Sacramento California. You will get the most amazing healthy looking tan without any harmful effects that you have ever had in your life.
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Spray tanning booths can be found in salons but far from do the job a Tanologist will do for you by manually applying the tanning solution to your body. It doesn’t hurt to a little research online or call some of them to see what rates are. The rates and quality in salons will charge tend to vary greatly. This is due to the lack of training sometimes, here at Spray Tan California we have been trained and certified to tan you even though the industry doesn’t mandate training and most states don’t require training, Training really is a must.

One great advantage of the manual Spray Tan is that your tan is applied to your skin in an even layer of a nontoxic substance containing DHA, a naturally occurring chemical which causes a reaction on your skin, turning it a nice, golden brown, continuing to slowly darken for 8 hours at which time it will be at its darkest shade. Typically, Spray Tanning will give you a tan that last approximately 7 -10 days, depending on your skin. But now Spray Tan California is working with a new product that only takes about 2 hours to get the full effect and lasts up to about 2 weeks. So you see, not only is it a great time saver before your weekend getaway, it’s also wonderful choice for special events or occasions like graduations, weddings or anniversaries.

Sunless Tans are a great for individuals to get that youthful look and healthy glow, without risking sunburn or skin damage. Today, you don’t have to sacrifice your skin or risk your health to look gorgeous. You can save yourself some time by getting a great looking tan before you take that weekend getaway, so you can use the extra vacation time to have more fun! Educate yourself to make good decisions about your body.

Always remember to shower and exfoliate before you Spray Tan. Never apply deodorant or lotions to your skin until after your tanning session. And just a quick shower after your tan has matured patting yourself with a towel is highly recommended. Please check out our preparation page for more details or ask questions in a comment below.

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