Spray Tanning for Your Wedding

People love to change their looks, such as changing their hair color, or skin complexion. Among them are celebrities who usually change their images from time to time. Can you see how fast or immediate they change their complexion? Sunbathing can do that but is time consuming and potentially harmful. That’s where Spray Tanning comes in to attain that darker glow that many people desire. This procedure is very safe with most products these days and the final result is fantastic. Unlike sun bathing which can be critical and can damage your skin, Spray Tanning is better. Are you aware of the UV rays or the ultraviolet rays which comes from the sun? It can burn your skin or worse can cause skin cancer as well as a premature aging look.

Most Spray Tanning is a process of spraying a solution that contains dihydroxyacetone to one’s body in order to have a beautiful brown skin. Dihydroxyacetone or DHA is a natural chemical which is produced from sugar canes or beets, including glycerin. Any effective tanners contain DHA. The sugar is a colorless three carbon sugar that causes a chemical reaction with amino acids in your skin producing a darkening of the skin. DHA only effects the outer most cells of the epidermis and dose not damage your skin it only colors it. This is done so fast that it will not take you a half an hour to apply and several hours to take full effect. You can read about how to Maintain Your Spray Tan here

get the Perfect Spray Tan for a Perfect Wedding.

You’re down to the wire all your wedding plans are in place there is a week to go before the big day. One of the last minute things you should have planned two to three days prior to your wedding is a Spray Tan Party for all the special people you have included to help you celebrate this big day. In this case you should always consult with a professional. Some people may want to be real dark and others may want just a subtle hue, a professional Tanologist can help you make the right decision for you. A couple of days gives people to get used to their new awesome tanned look also. So really take the time to find a professional with experience that loves to do Spray Tan Parties and have fun with it!

Here at Spray Tan California our goal is to work with you to make your wedding day a success, we also love a great party!

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